Private Cord Blood Banks

No discussion of stem cells can ever be complete without a look at private cord blood storage banks. After all these banks have done so much to make cord blood banking easy and effective. Admittedly, a private cord blood bank has a business model to look after and finances to generate, but the services they provide are exceptional and long lasting.

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You will come to know of cord blood banks from visits to an ante-natal clinic or from literature on pregnancy. Websites are also a rich source of material on the subject. You can register yourself with a private cord blood bank early into your pregnancy and become eligible for a discount as well. No, you don’t pay anything extra if you register late but the discount will reduce as you get nearer your term.
Private cord blood banks look after every aspect of banking the umbilical cord blood of your baby. They will supply you with sterile bags for cord blood storage, they will arrange a medical courier to safely transport the precious liquid to their lab and will run a battery of tests to be sure the sample can be stored for 18 years without any damage. Once the sample is stored, they will offer an ironclad insurance policy that guards you against any accidental damage to the cord blood.
Many private cord blood banks have easy to handle pricing that puts the facility within the reach of most people. Even if you change your mind and decide to discard your cord blood, you get all your money back except for a small handling charge. There are plenty of discounts as well – if you bank the cord blood of more than one child, you get one. If you are a physician, you get discounts as well!
Locating good private banks for cord blood storage has become easy thanks to an association that registers members and convenient websites that track them. Here are a few major ones –
Alpha Cord Inc. – a broker for cord blood banks – guarantees the best prices available anywhere.
CorCell – An old and experienced bank which uses the Community Blood Services laboratory. Licensed in NJ, NY.
ViaCord – ViaCord is a leading private cord blood banking facility that provides cord blood collection storage ad preservation facilities in the US and other parts of the world.
Cord Blood Registry – CBR is one of the original private cord blood banks, and has the most experience with family transplants. Licensed in NJ, NY.
Cord Partners – Licensed in NJ and NY As of 6Sept2005, Cord Partners became the first company to offer parents an extended payment plan
Cryobanks International – Cryobanks International offers both public and private cord blood banking. Licensed in NY & NJ.
Cryo-Cell International – Cryo-Cell is one of the original private cord blood banks and has been a publicly traded company since 1991 Licensed in NJ, NY.