Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in to the cord blood saving program?

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Enrolling into the program to save cord blood is very easy. All you need to do is fill up a consent form and mail it to the cord blood registry. Once you have registered, the cord blood bank will undertake all the activities required to bank the blood securely.
What if someone in my family needs cord blood transplant?
If someone in your family needs the umbilical cord blood you have stored, all you need to do is ask the physician treating the patient talk to the cord blood bank. All reputed banks have a toll free number that the physician can use 24×7. Once it is determined that the patient has a disease which will benefit from the transplant, the stored cord blood would be sent via a medical courier.
What if my baby is born outside the United States?
Almost every cord blood banking company will be able to organize collection from abroad if they have been informed about it in time. However, due to the perishable nature of the sample there may be certain areas from where the sample may not reach the cord blood bank in time. It is best to clarify these issues while there is still time.
What about privacy of information?
Every reputed cord blood bank will be extremely careful about the personal data of their clients. Elaborate security methods are put in place to ensure that your information is very safe.
What about multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.)?
Great! All cord blood banks have schemes where you can get a better rate if you choose to bank the cord blood of twins, triplets etc. In fact, you could get concessions on rates even if you save the umbilical cord blood more than one child.
Who provides the saving kit?
When you enroll, the cord blood bank will provide you with a sterile saving kit. You simply carry it with you to the hospital. The method of collecting cord blood is extremely simple and any doctor or midwife will be able to collect it. Elaborate instructions are provided and a 24×7 helpline is available should it ever be required.
Will the hospital or midwife know how to collect the sample?
As we said earlier, any trained medical attendant will be able to collect the sample. In any eventuality, a 24×7 helpline is available.
Where and how is the cord blood stored, is it safe?
The cord blood is stored in a totally sterile environment and kept at minus 200 deg Celsius using liquid nitrogen. Very elaborate and detailed labeling is done to ensure that there is absolutely no chance of any contamination or confusion about the owner of the sample.